CS:GO Симулятор Кейсов
Welcome to CS:GO Case Simulator!

This is BETA version of case opening simulator! Some features from old version are not implemented yet.

Remember: THIS IS A SIMULATOR! All dropped items are not real! You can't get them in any way. Simulator is created to show you how real chances of getting high-tier items are looks like and for testing your luck.

Enjoy the game! Have fun and good luck!
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This is beta version of updated Case Simulator. Some features from original simulator were not imported yet, some of them probably would not be added. If you have any suggestions or you want to report a bug, please, let us know here
23 марта 2020
Добавлена капсула Halo
Добавлена капсула стикеров HL Alyx
Добавлена капсула пинов HL Alyx
Добавлен пак нашивок HL Alyx
25 февраля 2020
Добавлен пак нашивок CSGO
19 ноября 2019
Добавлен кейс Shattered Web
08 ноября 2019
Новый селектор контейнеров
Добавлен ползунок значения float для выпавшего предмета
Цена и значение float были перемещены
Мелкие изменения в визуальной части
19 октября 2019
Добавлен CS20 кейс
Добавлен CS20 стикер капсула
Добавлен Vertigo сувенирный набор
Исправлен баг, при котором сброс статистики мог привести к некорректной статистике
Теперь вы будете видеть дешевые предметы во время открывания контейнеров чаще, чем раньше, однако шансы выпадения итогового предмета остались неизменными
08 июля 2019
Добавлена Feral Predators капсула
03 июля 2019
Добавлен Stattrak Radicals Box
19 июня 2019
Добавлена Chicken капсула
17 апреля 2019
Исправлены ножи в Prisma кейсе
14 марта 2019
Добавлен Prisma Case
11 марта 2019
Добавлена автопрокрутка. Она останавливается на красных и жёлтых предметах, так же, как было в флеш версии симулятора кейсов
07 декабря 2018
Добавлен Danger Zone кейс
03 декабря 2018
Новая бета-версия симулятора кейсов, включая последние ящики, пропущенные стикеры, графити и пины
18 февраля 2018
Added Spectrum 2 case
Added Clutch Case
11 сентября 2017
Tweaked drop rates depending on revealing odds for Chinese version of CS:GO
24 мая 2017
Added Hydra Case
16 марта 2017
Added Spectrum Case
30 ноября 2016
Added Glove Case
19 сентября 2016
Drop rate tweaks
Misc fixes and changes
21 августа 2016
Added Gamma 2 case
17 июня 2016
Added Gamma case
Fixed bug when from Chroma 3 Case dropped not Chroma knives
Global Stats temporarily disabled due to inactivity
Bug with stuck container opening should be fixed now
01 июня 2016
Added Collectible Pins Capsule Series 1
29 апреля 2016
Added Chroma 3 Case
Removed first "OK" button after prices loaded
13 апреля 2016
Reworked image loading system. Images loading only for selected cases
Souvenir packages can be opened same as usual containers
Preloader temporarily disabled, will be added back later
19 февраля 2016
Added Operation Wildfire Case including Bowie Knife
Updated spin animation
29 января 2016
Added missing string for German and Polish translations of "Loading Prices"
New main font
27 января 2016
Added German and Polish languages. Danke, sheriff3 and Hydro and Dziękuję, MrYety
Fixed some performance issues
"read all news" label is now hidden by default
Credits page updated with users who helped with translation. This panel will be reworked later with a better design.
19 января 2016
Tweaked drop chances
10 декабря 2015
Added Revolver Case
Updated Dust2 Souvenir Collection
04 декабря 2015
Reworked souvenir drops
03 декабря 2015
Some design changes:
-Autospin button moved to righT side panel
-Added 'show all prices' button(item prices are hidden by default but you can see price of every item when roll mouse over it)
-Reworked side panels
-Updated stats and last drops panels
-Updated animation of dropped item panel
-Updated main part of simulator to be more similar to in-game version(some parts were missed)
New window resizes method
Added multilanguage support(The Russian language added, more languages will come in next versions)
Added 14 new achievements(You can find them in profile page)
Added Train souvenir collection
Added the latest news title
Added Giveaway Case for custom giveaways(ex. for user streams on twitch.tv. Tutorial for Giveaway Case will be soon)
Ads will hide while using Giveaway Case
Returned static background(most of the users could see static background in the previous version already)
Fixed some bugs when you can get not existed exterior of weapon
Fixed problems with stattrak knives
Misc minor fixes
Added some secrets
19 сентября 2015
Added EXTERIORS! Every weapon and knife have same chance to get exact exterior of item as in CS:GO
Added Shadow Case
Added Special Containers(old huntsman case and randomizer case, more special cases coming later)
New preloader
Increased size of weapon images
Updated container selector
Weapon preview now shows lowest and highest prices for item
Reworked sounds import
Reworked drop chances a bit
Background will load after simulator loads
Improved performance(should be smoother)
Some design fixes and updates
Fixed sticker prices
02 июня 2015
Fixed problem with not loading prices
Fixed "Vanguard" case label
New logo
28 мая 2015
Added Falchion Case
Added short names to containers
Testing new background
Misc fixes
17 апреля 2015
Added Chroma Case 2
Fixed "Covert Unluck" achievement
27 марта 2015
Added 7 souvenir packages
Added 9 achievements
Added profile levels(the higher level the faster you get drop and better chance to get rare souvenir package)
Updated spinning(a bit faster now)
Updated preloader and new preloader icon
Updated Random String(New phrases, Hell yeah!)
Minor fixes and improvements with design and performance
11 февраля 2015
Disabled moving background(should increase perfomance)
Fixed some troubles with AutoSpin
10 февраля 2015
Replaced "View in Market" button by "AutoSpin" button(You still can view weapons in market by pressing on them in preview set)
AutoSpin will reset if you get Knife, Covert or StatTrak Classified item
Spinning is slower now(Not such as in game, but a bit closer to it)
Updated Container selector dialog
Minor fixes and improves
28 января 2015
Updated popup window
New popup message "How to save stats". It will appear each time you enter simulator until you make first GStats upload
25 января 2015
New background
New popup window for Guests and GStats uploading
Your stats will be saved when you uploading Local Stats to Global Stats(You personal stats available on profile page)
Added Coefficient of Luck(Money earned / Money spent)
Fixed image for Gut Knife | Tiger Tooth
Fixed some sticker capsules were unable to pick
11 января 2015
Added Chroma Case
Misc Fixes
13 декабря 2014
New awesome preloader
Updated rules of uploading Global Stats. Now you need to open 50 containers
Misc fixes and improvements
04 декабря 2014
Global Stats was reset
Updated rules of uploading Global Stats. Now you need to open 30 containers
Added counter to unlocking Global Stats
Hopefully fixed bug when player was able to upload corrupted data to Global Stats
02 декабря 2014
Global Stats is now available for everyone
Updated preloader icon
30 ноября 2014
Started closed beta testing of Global Stats
New preloader icon
Added new sounds of voices from CS:GO which plays when you get rare items.
Added DreamHack 2014 Sticker Capsule
Updated and moved Sound button
12 ноября 2014
Added prices for weapons, knives and stickers. Most of the item prices updating every hour. You can play without prices in case if load failed
Added "Last Dropped Items" panel
Added Price Modifier which modifies price of spent money by price of selected case/capsule
Added "Operation Vanguard Weapon case"
New preloader
Moved social buttons and upper menu buttons to HTML page
Updated left side panel, including new "Changelog" and "News" buttons
Updated and fixed Stats panel(Global Stats coming in future)
Updated and fixed Weapon Selector panel
Updated Credits panel
Fixed bug, when panel with "Unlocking container..." text never shows after 1st case
Now you can press "SPACE" button to open container instead of clicking mouse
Misc fixes. Animations and visual improvements.
22 сентября 2014
Reduced size of images(simulator should loads faster for now)
11 сентября 2014
Added upper menu panel
Removed old GStats panel
06 сентября 2014
Added some new sounds
Added links for weapons. Press on any weapon to find it on market
Added new loading icon
Moved sound and forum buttons to right side panel
Fully updated left side panel dialogs
Updated stats dialog
Updated container selector dialog
Updated chances of drops. Read more on forum
New background
Added button to Trade-Up Contract Simulator
10 августа 2014
Fixed bug when knife icon disappears in eSports Case 2014
Updated Random String(Thanks, cambodio)
Updated some stickers and fixed size of One Cologne sticker capsule icons
07 августа 2014
Added One Cologne sticker capsules
Added News dialog
Added space for ad
Moved "credits" button and container selector
Misc fixes and changes
27 июля 2014
Added "View in Market" button
Added forum button
Changed background
Misc fixes
17 июля 2014
Added some new strings to Random String
Updated Community Sticker Capsule 1
12 июля 2014
Fixed issue when user was able to see silhouette of next dropped weapon
Updated winner dialog
Some misc fixes
11 июля 2014
Added eSports 2014 Summer Case
02 июля 2014
Added Operation Breakout case
12 июня 2014
Added button for Steam Group
Removed changelog button
Fixed some winner dialog strings when rare item dropped
Changed some items due to changes after 12.06.14 update
26 мая 2014
Fixed weapon icons could be attached on knife tiles
21 мая 2014
Added 100 new random strings in winner dialog. 20 for every rarity.
19 мая 2014
Fixed money string
Redused size of images
18 мая 2014
Added "Share" buttons
Disabled Global Stats due to heavy load on server
Reworked system of loading images
17 мая 2014
First launch