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Last tracked bans
Tracking users:
10 758 442
Banned at least once: 1 351 113
Matches added:
3 980 428
Matches with banned players: 1 917 502
Tracked bans for the last month
06 may 2024
Reduced amount of API errors which leads to "Profile is private"
04 may 2024
Updated VAC and Game bans page
09 march 2024
Fixed bot was not able to add matches after Call to Arms update
26 august 2022
Fixed minor bugs when matches on Tuscan, Breach and Anubis were added
28 april 2022
Updated dialog box for adding authentication code
Minor visual changes in some elements
31 march 2022
Slightly updated visuals of tracked VAC and Game bans page
23 febrary 2022
Added support for Iris and Climb maps
26 september 2021
Added support for Basalt and Insertion2 maps
Updated some map icons
21 march 2021
Added experimental support for Chinese accounts
07 febrary 2021
Improved behavior of "Next match" button. Once you load the page with your stats, the button is going to be pressed automatically and will try to find all matches at once, no need to press it to add every match.
16 december 2020
Removed ability to add live match in Premier mode while in lobby map
04 december 2020
Added support for maps: Engage, Ancient, Apollo, Guard, Elysion
02 october 2020
Fixed bans stats were not updating regularly
21 august 2020
Merged maps rates and rounds stats into one row in "Maps" tab
New pop-up dialog, for recent changes
29 july 2020
Added new "Maps stats" page which you can see here. You can find there new information like maps win rates, popularity of maps and other interesting stats
Added new "Maps" tab. You can find there new information about rounds on maps you played for last 3 months
Moved maps win rates information from "Matches" to "Maps"
Updated localization in some places since automated matches grabber were disabled for a while
15 june 2020
Fixed bug when live match was detected but not able to load it
01 april 2020
Added support for maps Anubis and Chlorine
Replaced some maps related profile backgrounds with new ones
25 febrary 2020
Returned missing highlight effect for new banned players
Fixed bug when some nicknames could broke site
02 january 2020
New country flags
Updated tooltips animation
Updated tables in "Live match", including new tooltips and some visual fixes
Added tooltip for ranks in "Live match". They shows rank uploading date and how many competitive wins player had
Added player's real nickname for "Confirmed person" tooltip in "Live match"
Added days since last ban for "VAC ban" and "Game ban" tooltip in "Live match"
"Weapons" tab in "Live match" slightly upgraded including new bottom table showing overall amount of popular weapons
26 december 2019
Potentially fixed bug when "live match" could be detected but not loaded
Fixed rare bug when recent and daily stats could go wild without any reason (extremely high kills, high amount of matches, wrong k/d etc.)
21 november 2019
Your team is on the left side in "Matches" tab always now
Updated table in "Friends" tab
Updated table in "Banneds" tab
Updated some tooltips
Removed "Charts" in "Live Match" tab
14 november 2019
Updated "Weapons" tab, including new block with weapon cards and updated table
09 november 2019
Added additional information to matches about rank changes and demo parsing status
Revamped maps win rate block... again...
03 october 2019
Added feature to change list of matches appearence
30 september 2019
Automatic live match grabber is turned off. To add Live match you should press on refresh icon next to "Live match" tab or "Check live match" button. In theory, this change should make detecting live matches more correct
"Player's stats is hidden" dialog now shows only in "Stats" and "Weapon" tabs
Slightly updated "Friends" tab
23 september 2019
Reworked "Matches" tab
Added feature to add matches automatically without sharecodes, which were introduced recently by Valve in this update
Maps win rate now show matches for the past 3 months or last 50 matches
Matches list now shows if the player was with Steam friends
10 august 2019
Disabled determination of boosted achievements due to technical issues
30 july 2019
Removed news section. You can find updated section of news on main page
17 july 2019
Updated bans notifications
17 june 2019
Added 64 new random backgrounds for personal stats. Now it's 82 images in rotation!
09 june 2019
If player's rank were updated more than a month ago, it will be decolorized in matchmaking stats
08 june 2019
Reimagined "VAC & Game bans" page is live!
Reverted main chart back to lines
New "Bans on maps" chart showing separate MatchMaking and Wingman maps
Added "Bans by ranks" chart
Added "Bans by wins level" chart
Added "Speed of getting VAC ban after game ban" chart
Added "Bans details" chart
06 may 2019
Added cs_workout and de_ruby backgrounds
Fixed bug where match on cs_workout map was counted as de_thrill if added by sharecode
Removed duplicated matches that were counted as de_thrill
13 febrary 2019
Updated settings for statistics tab in "Live match"
Statistics tab in "Live match" now opens by default instead of charts
03 febrary 2019
Simplified "Charts" in "Live match"
Fixed rare bug when empty stats could be saved which results in showing empty slot in stats
Fixed bug when team scores won't swap in second half
Slightly improved performance
01 febrary 2019
Added Abbey and Zoo maps support
25 january 2019
Updated Vertigo and Nuke backgrounds
24 january 2019
Updated "Recently updated players" section
Updated "Recently added matches" section
Updated "Last tracked bans" section
23 january 2019
Stats for current day will be shown first instead of recent stats or stats for all time if it's available
"Banned / Matches" data in "friends" tab is now colored
22 january 2019
Live match will show profile's date of creation if profile is not private but stats is hidden
17 january 2019
Added "More/Less stats" button in "Stats" tab which includes new data like "Pistol rounds won", "Killed snipers", "Kills per match", etc.
Removed "Detailed stats"
Redesigned "Live match" tab and saved match page
Updated design of tables
Added button in "Banneds" tab which leads to match where current person was spotted last time
"Banneds" tab now shows latest 10 bans by default(if you have large amount of banneds it could still make page lagging, solution for this problem will be shipped in one of the next updates)
Removed error message while loading saved match, instead the page will be refreshed until saved match loads
Misc changes and fixes
09 january 2019
New list of matches in "Matches" tab. Now it's able to see who was playing with you and who was banned in "Matches" tab
Updated text info in "Banneds" tab
06 january 2019
Fixed bug when it was not able to obtain ranks from matches after Danger Zone update. This fix will affect on more than 4000 demos, which will be parsed again in about next 3 days
02 january 2019
Added settings for stats tab in "Live match" where you can set data which you want to see
Removed additional stats in "Live match" tab
Updated "You played with" tooltip showing nickname instead of "You" if it's not actually You
12 november 2018
Added "Rank distribution" page. You can find it HERE
Slightly updated tooltips for most of charts
09 november 2018
Added tooltip about how to update rank
Updated "weapons" tab: removed all charts and other tabs, but added mini charts showing comparison to average player's accuracy and lethality. This is not finished version of "Weapons" tab, some features will be added later
08 november 2018
Fixed some icons were overlapping text in most used weapons
07 november 2018
Replaced icons by texts in most used weapons
Added shots in most used weapons
Slightly updated all weapon icons
Slightly updated rank panel to match more with rank-up panel in-game
Added competitive wins to rank's tooltip in live stats in charts
06 november 2018
Added support of Biome and Subzero maps
05 november 2018
Fixed charts in live stats for wingman mode
Fixed bug in live stats when friend colors won't appear in wingman mode
04 november 2018
Added map win rate chart in the "Matches" tab. It shows only matches added via sharecode
22 october 2018
Fixed some bugs related to player's recent stats
21 october 2018
Extended tooltip about players who played with you in live match. Now it shows player's side and a score of the match if it was added via sharecode
20 october 2018
Added charts to Live match stats(This is beta as well and might be deleted if something goes wrong). If you have any suggestions about how to improve it, feel free to let us know here
17 october 2018
Colored tooltips in live match
Extended tooltip about recent stats in live match. Now it shows matches and hours played by user
15 october 2018
Added new icon showing how many matches added in competitive match
Slightly improved readability of tooltips
14 october 2018
Recent stats will load in a competitive match if it's available for player
Added new icon for players with recent stats in competitive match
10 october 2018
Added de_austria support
07 october 2018
Added rank and wins to friend list
Expired rank with amount of wins will show up instead of unknown rank if it's available
06 october 2018
Added ranks! This feature still in beta and might disappear if there will be any troubles. You can update rank only by adding match via sharecode(CS:GO menu -> Watch tab -> Your matches -> click on sharecode icon and enter it in search). Also updating rank this way will update ranks for other players in the match
Added red dot notification if new banned players spotted (works for users who logged in)
Moved matches, banneds and live match tabs
List of matches will show average rank, average wins and match where player was upranked/deranked if it's available
Live match will show last saved rank for player if it's available, while saved match will show rank for that match.
Fixed bug when "times played" icon didn't show in live match sometimes
Added some missing texts
Renamed "MP7" to "MP7 / MP5-SD"
Renamed "Desert Eagle" to "Desert Eagle / R8"
Renamed "P250" to "P250 / CZ75-Auto"
24 july 2018
Fully reimagined Player's stats
Added pentagonal chart showing K/D, MVP rate, Accuracy, Lethality and Win rate. Green space means higher than average player's stats and red means lower
Most used weapons now shows short text about its performance
"Last month" and "Last week" stats were replaced by "Recent stats"
Removed player's style
Misc fixes and improvements
14 july 2018
Slightly updated design of csgo stats page
Players's list of banneds now shows removed bans
Reworked "Lethality", "MVP rate" and "ConVars rating"
Updated "Latest tracked bans" button
04 june 2018
Added description to tracked bans stats
Fixed rare bug when match could not be loaded via sharecode
Fixed some sorting methods in list of bans and list of matches
Slightly updated list of matches
02 june 2018
Added "Watch demo" button
27 may 2018
Added list of matches
23 may 2018
Added "Removed bans" chart
Slightly updated all charts
Fixed bug where MM stats was not showing "Game ban" icon
20 may 2018
Updated chart of latest tracked bans
Updated "Latest tracked bans" page
18 may 2018
Removed "Recounted stats" dialog, instead of it you can see "Boosted achievemebts" or "Boosted stats" in profile
Misc changes
01 may 2018
Added icon in MM stats showing players you already played with earlier
Updated icon for saved stats in MM stats
17 april 2018
MM stats moved to new tab
Misc small fixes
11 april 2018
Added ability to load matches via sharecode in search field
Added column "Played together" in "Friends" tab
MM stats will show saved stats, if profile is private
"Detailed" and "Weapons" tabs moved to "Statistics", list of bans and matches are separated and moved to "Tracking" tab
Removed "Last match" stats
29 march 2018
Slightly updated tables in MM stats
25 march 2018
The watched player is now highlighted in the MM stats tables
14 march 2018
Added icons showing players who played less than 5 hours/more than 80 hours for last 2 weeks
07 march 2018
"Matches with banned players" in profile shows percentage now
05 march 2018
Updated icons on the righT side in MM stats. Now it's able to see if player got vac or game bans
Stats "For last time" were moved to main stats
Updated default avatar and thumbnail for news
Misc fixes and improvements
21 febrary 2018
Added matches graph in "Banneds" tab
Added "Played times" in banneds list
Updated graphs in "Weapons" tab
Fixed rare issue when banned matches count wrong
19 febrary 2018
Fixed rare issue when tracked users not showing up if they have had bans before
19 febrary 2018
Added test version of news section
Added detailed info in "Stats" and "Last time" sections while mouse over elements
Slightly updated player style names
Misc fixes
22 january 2018
Updated structure of personal stats and all tables over the site and slightly improved design
New preloader
New system of counting bans. Once player get ban, everyone who played with him will have him as "Banned", not only the one who added a match
Added stats for last week and last month
Added detailed stats
Added "Recently added matches"
Added "friends" tab
Weapon points of "Rifler", "Sniper" and "Eco warrior" were removed, instead of them added new Player's Style, which is trying to shortly describe player's choise of weapons. This system still WIP
Updated all tables in MM stats and added "Add. statistics" where you can find some of previously removed stats and newly added "Time for last 2 weeks"
Updated bans tracker
Updated navigation panel which is now containing search field
Many many other different big and small changes. Some functions were temporarily disabled but will be enabled ASAP(such as "News", intuitive icons for Player's Style and detailed description of some stats elements)
21 january 2018
Huge update was rolled as beta version for everyone. Full changelog will be a bit later.
26 december 2017
Fixed bug with disappearing nicknames and avatars after refreshing match
08 october 2017
Slightly simplified matchmaking stats tables
16 september 2017
Weapon preferences and ratings were recalculated.
27 august 2017
Added buttons "Discussions" and "Suggestions and bug reports"
24 august 2017
Rifler, Sniper and Eco Warrior multiplied by weapon class preferences. (ex. if Rifler were 1.200 and rifles preference is 40%, then new value for rifler is 1.2 * 0.4 = 0.48)
08 august 2017
Wingman matches now shows correctly without empty players in tables
Removed incorrect bans mostly added from Wingman mode
Added hint about green color in last match section in matchmaking stats
Replaced stats for all time by stats for last 3 months in ban tracker
12 july 2017
Slightly updated preloader
Nickname moved to header above player's avatar
Offline status shows when user was last time online in Steam
06 july 2017
Slightly tweaked ConVars rating formula
Updated all the tables in the matchmaking statistics, including the updated tab with weapons and a new tab with the latest matches
In the tables, click on the avatar will direct to the player's Steam profile, click on the nickname to his CS:GO stats
11 june 2017
Updated date formating in graphs
02 june 2017
Added graphs for next data: ConVars rating, Rifler, Sniper, Eco Warrior
Formated date in graphs
01 june 2017
New formulas for calculating ConVars rating and the following data: Rifler, Sniper, Eco Warrior
ConVars rating is temporarily disabled for those who have incorrect data for weapons from CS:GO API
21 may 2017
New formula for calculating weapon preferences. This will slightly affect the ConVars rating and some other data. Soon we will update formulas for calculating weapon ratings, ConVars rating, Rifler, Sniper and Eco Warrior.
14 may 2017
Fixed rare bug in mini graphs where data could show incorrect values
09 may 2017
New Headshot and Winrate icons
Slightly updated tooltips
07 may 2017
The average damage is back. You can also view various types of average damage by hovering the mouse over the icon
Added graphs for the bottom six indicators
06 may 2017
The blocks with accuracy and lethality are removed in the "Statistics" section. This information can always be found in the "Weapons" section
Slightly updated some buttons
01 may 2017
The average damage was temporarily replaced by a new stat: Kills with nades support. Average damage will return later with more detailed information
29 april 2017
Mini-graphs has been launched is test mode. They are showing stats of the top indicators(K/D, Win rate, etc.) for the last time.
26 april 2017
Updated all other graphs
24 april 2017
New graph for tracked bans. Other graphs will be replaced later as well
21 april 2017
Added status "Confirmed Player". This status will be given to players who have contributed to the development of CS and/or its community. At the moment, this status was given to pro players from the last major in Atlanta, as well as site testers. In the future, the status will be given to other players, streamers, youtubers, mappers, famous personalities. A randomly exposed confirmed player can be seen by clicking this link
12 april 2017
Added 13 new random backgrounds for personal stats
02 april 2017
"Banned" tab renamed to "Bans" with bans counter. This tab now accesable to everyone even if there no banned players detected
Added description to "Bans" tab
Some misc improvements to "Bans tracker stats"
28 march 2017
Added "Ban speed" to banned tab
27 march 2017
Slightly updated tables in "weapons" and "banned" tabs
21 march 2017
Added de_canals background image
Ban tracker shows info about de_canals
06 march 2017
Slightly tweaked Eco Warrior, Sniper, Rifle and ConVars rating formulas
05 march 2017
Added Bans tracker stats to Last tracked bans. You can find there information about VAC and game bans on different maps
22 febrary 2017
New formulas for ConVars rating and weapon perfomance points (Rifler, Sniper and Eco warrior)
16 febrary 2017
Slightly updated "Recently updated" block
Misc fixes
29 january 2017
Added 'Banned' tab. You can see banned player who were playing with or against you. Here is an example of profile with 'Banned' tab
28 january 2017
New formula for ConVars rating
In tab scores replaced average values by total values for team
Slightly updated preloader
25 january 2017
If the player has wrong stats for some weapons, all data for this weapon will be reset to zero(ex.: kills more than hits or hits more than shots). It's still able to see original stats without data recounts
23 january 2017
Fixed display in Firefox Mozilla
21 january 2017
Added MVP rate
MVP rating renamed to ConVars rating
New formula for ConVars rating
Replaced some icons
Replaced win rate(M) by win rate(R)
Recently updated section now shows 8 users instead of 16
15 january 2017
Added changelog and last banned sections
10 october 2016
First version of stats