Drop chances tweaks and uploading stats fix

Today we shipped a beta update to Case Simulator. There is no more 'Upload Stats' button, every drop will be recorded to your personal stats righT after you get it, all you need is to be logged via Steam. Stats on profile page will be reworked, some achievements should be replaced and XP system will be reworked a bit as well.

As for drop chances tweaks, we used another drop chances formula, which is closer to real in-game drop system. Dragon Lore now isn't so easy to get. Covert weapons now a bit harder, Restricted weapons has more chances. Knives have chances as it was.

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18 September 2016 | by Orel

Case Simulator v1.42 - Gamma 2 Case added

There is small update, guys. Just added new Gamma 2 case. Sorry for delay

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21 August 2016 | by Orel

Case Simulator v1.41 - Gamma Case added


17.04.16 - v1.41

-Added Gamma case
-Fixed bug when from Chroma 3 Case dropped not Chroma knives
-Global Stats temporarily disabled due to inactivity
-Bug with stuck contain

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17 June 2016 | by Orel

Case Simulator v1.40 - Collectible Pins Capsule Series 1 added

Small update, but Pins here.

01.04.16 - v1.40
-Added Collectible Pins Capsule Series 1

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01 June 2016 | by Orel

Case Simulator v1.39 - Chroma 3 Case added!

And there is changelog:

29.04.16 - v1.39

-Added Chroma 3 Case
-Removed first "OK" button after prices loaded

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29 April 2016 | by Orel

Chrome Case 3 announcement

Hey guys. Chrome Case 3 released in CS:GO. It will be added in case simulator as soon as possible.

Stay tuned ;)

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28 April 2016 | by Orel

Case Simulator 1.38 - Souvenir packages for everyone and new image loading system

13.04.16 - v1.38

-Reworked image loading system. Images loading only for selected cases
-Souvenir packages can be opened same as usual containers
-preloader missed temporary, will be added back later

Hope you'll like new images loading system, now it should load simulator faster when launching for first time.

p.s. Simulator preloader currently now removed cause of some mistakes :/ will be added later. When launching for first time there can be black or grey screen for 1-2 seconds

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13 April 2016 | by Orel

Wildfire case and Bowie Knife added to Case Simulator

Hey, everyone! There is changelog for 1.37

19.02.16 - v1.37
-Added Operation Wildfire Case including Bowie Knife
-Updated spin animation

Please, let me know if you find bugs with new spin animation.

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19 Febrary 2016 | by Orel

About Wildfire Case

Hello, guys. We noticed that there's new awesome update which brought us Nuke, operation and new weapon case. And of course we'll add the case asap ;) Hope we can ship new update to Case Simulator today or tomorrow

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18 Febrary 2016 | by Orel

German and Polish languages added, fixed some perfomance issues

Hey, guys, there is short changelog for 1.35

27.01.16 - v1.35

-Added German and Polish languages. Danke, sheriff3 and Hydro and Dziękuję, MrYety. Everyone always can help us to add/fix translations here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/convars_case/discussions/0/451850849201596675/
-Fixed some performance issues
-"read all news" label is now hidden by default
-Credits page updated with users who helped with translation. This panel will be reworked later with a better design.

Thanks a lot to all who sent translations! We will look into it and add as many languages as possible. Hope we will ship some more languages on this week, but first, we want to test German and Polish for miscorrects

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27 January 2016 | by Orel